Introduction to the MITES’ By-Laws

  1. By-Laws shall not be inconsistent with the Constitution.
  2. By-Laws may be amended, or added to by the Board of Directors.
  3. The procedure for changing or adding to the By-Laws shall be:
    1. An amendment change or addition may be presented in writing at any meeting of the Board.
    2. The amendment change or addition shall be subject to discussion and final wording at the time of the presentation.
    3. The Secretary shall mail the amendment, or addition, to all Board members with the agenda for the next regular meeting.
    4. Two-thirds (2/3) majority of those being present shall approve the amendment, or addition.


  1. The Society shall meet and conduct business in an orderly procedure as outlined in ROBERT”S RULES OF ORDER.
      1. Meeting called to order President
      2. Minutes of previous meeting Secretary
      3. Auditing Committee report Chairperson
      4. Election Committee report Chairperson
      5. Unfinished Business President
      6. New Business President
      7. Adjournment President
      1. Meeting called to Order President
      2. Record of Attendance Secretary (Requires Signature of members present)
      3. Reading of Notice for Special Meeting Secretary (Including the agenda)
      4. Transaction of Business President (Only that as recorded on Notice for Special Meeting)
      5. Meeting Adjournment President
      1. Meeting called to order President
      2. Opening prayer Chaplain
      3. Roll call and minutes Secretary
      4. Reports of the Executive Board.
        1. President’s Report – President
        2. President-Elect’s Report – President-Elect
        3. Secretary’s Report – Secretary
        4. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer
        5. Convention Chairperson Report – Past-President
        6. Commercial Exhibits Manager’s Report – Comm Exh Manager
        7. RAO Chairperson’s Report – RAO Chairperson
        8. National Organization(s) Report – N.O. Representative
        9. Rules Committee’s Report – MIEA Chairperson
        10. Membership Report – Mem. Chairperson
      5. Reports of other Leadership Personnel
        1. State Department of Education – State Rep
        2. College Liaison Officer – Staff Member
        3. Past-President’s Advisory Committee – Elected Rep
        4. Historian – Appointed Member
        5. Resolution’s Report – Chairperson
      6. Publications
        1. MITES Journal Editor’s Report – Journal Editor
        2. Advertising Manager
        3. Newsletter Editor’s Report – Newsletter Editor
      7. Reports of the Standing Committees
        1. Constitutional Revision Chairperson
        2. MITES Recognition Awards President-Elect
          1. H.J. VanWesterienen Master Teacher
          2. Earl Bedell Publicity
          3. Paul Schilling Service
          4. Honorary Life
          5. Lifetime Achievement Award
        3. Elections/Nominations – Past-President
        4. Publicity and Public Relations Chairperson
        5. Spouses Committee Past President Spouse
        6. Student Representative College Rep (Student)
        7. Scholarship Committee.. Chairperson
        8. Industrial Contact Committee Chairperson
        9. Student Industrial Technology
        10. Competition (On-Site) Chairperson
        11. Retired Teachers Committee Retired Teacher
        12. MITES Endowment Committee Chairperson
        13. MITES WEB site WEB Master
        14. Raffle Chairperson
        15. Educational Resource Committee Chairperson
        16. Construction Contest Committee Chairperson
      8. Appointments. President-Elect
      9. Old Business President
      10. New Business President
      11. Adjournment


  1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society, the Executive Board and the Board of Directors.
  2. The President-Elect shall, in the absence of the President, assume the DUTIES OF THE PRESIDENT.
  3. The Secretary shall:
    1. Keep the minutes of the Society, the Executive Board, and the Board of Directors.
    2. Prepare, with the assistance of the Treasure, and annual budget.
    3. Be the custodian of legal papers.
    4. Be the custodian of property-adding machine, camera, filing cabinets, Master Teacher Award castings, Past-President Award castings, seal, tape recorder, typewriter, and other property. (Property items may be kept in the possession of other members with the approval of the Board of Directors.)
    5. Keep a Membership Directory.
  4. The Treasurer shall:
    1. Be bonded by the Society in the sum which has the approval of the Board of Directors.
    2. Keep cash, bonds, and other securities in a financial institution, which has the approval of the Board of Directors.
    3. Post and retain the records of the income and disbursements of the Society.
    4. Assist the Secretary with the preparation of the annual budget.
  5. All elected Officers shall be a member of the Michigan Education Association, if eligible.


  1. The Executive Board shall meet upon the call of the President.
  2. The meeting shall be limited to discussion, outlining, and the preparation of business matters, which need to be presented to the Board of Directors.
  3. Others, at the request of the President, may attend the meeting for the purpose of submitting pertinent information.


  1. The Board of Directors shall meet and conduct business in an orderly procedure as outlined in ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER
  2. The Board of Directors shall:
    1. Have jurisdiction over appointments, publication, expenditures, and other business of the Society.
    2. Meet in September, November, January, thirty (30) days prior to the annual business meeting, and within thirty (30) days following the annual business meeting (May or June)


  1. Committees shall meet and conduct business in an orderly procedure as outlined in ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER.
  2. Extensive committee reports shall be available, in writing, for a regular meeting of the Board of Directors.
  3. The committee Chairperson shall submit committee expense vouchers to the Treasurer.
  4. The President shall name the special committee Chairperson at the time of the committee appointment.
  5. Standing Committeesfor the Society shall be:
    • Auditing
    • Auto Competition
    • IT Consultant
    • Construction Competition
    • Constitutional Revision
    • Convention Site Selection
    • Election
    • Endowment
    • Grant Writing
    • Fund Raising
    • Local Convention
    • Legislative
    • Instructional Materials
    • MITEA – Student Competition
    • (Abrams/MITES) Grant
    • High School Scholarship
    • College and University Student Scholarship
    • Classroom Mini-Grant
    • Distance Learning Experience Grant
    • Future Teacher In Industrial Education Award
    • Professional Development Grant
    • Programs of Outstanding Quality Grant
    • Retired Teacher Grant
    • MITES Marketing
    • MITES Recognition Awards
    • Harold J. Van Westrienan Master Teacher Award
    • Earl Bedell Publicity Award
    • Paul M. Shilling Distinguished Service Award
    • Honorary Life Membership
    • Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Nominating
    • Past President’s Advisory Council
    • Publication
    • Publicity and Public Relations
    • Research
      • Resolutions
    • Retired Teachers
    • Student Competition
    • Membership
    • Web Site


  1. Expenses, which are not a part of the approved budget, may be paid by the Society whenever approved by the Board of Directors.


  1. The fiscal year shall be from the Annual Convention through the Annual Convention the following year.


  1. The Board of Directors shall determine regional boundaries.


  1. Should the Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society dissolve, all assets will be transferred to a 501(c)3 Education Organization fund.