Duties and Responsibilities

MITES Offices and Chairpersons

Duties and Responsibilities

The Executive Board represents the hub of the society around which all activities must revolve. The major Roll and MISSION of this group is to expedite the business to be acted upon by the Board of Directors. Other resource persons may be asked to attend meetings of the Executive Board at the discretion of the President.

The Executive Board is composed of the:

  1. President
  2. President-Elect
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Immediate Past President
  6. Commercial Exhibits Manager
  7. Journal Editor
  8. Membership Chairperson
  9. Regional Administrative Chairperson
  10. National Affiliate Representative



The President shall:

  1. Preside at meeting of the Board of Directors, Executive Board Annual Meetings, and such other special meetings which may be called.
  2. Based upon the recommendation of the President-Elect, present the names of all individuals to be appointed to fill all vacancies to the Board of Directors.
  3. Be an ex-officio member of all committees, advise officers, committees, and other personnel of their duties as representative of the Society.
  4. Be alert to activities and policies at the State and National level, which may need the support of the society.
  5. Prepare the agenda for meetings of the Executive Board, Board of Directors, as well as the annual meeting.
  6. Represent the Society at the meetings related to problems and issues of interest to the membership.
  7. Approve expense vouchers consistent with the budget for payment by the Treasurer.
  8. Prepare an article for the Fall and Post Convention Issue of the Journal.
  9. In preparation for the Annual Convention:
    1. Be a member of the Convention Committee.
    2. Assist the Immediate Past-President in the planning of the Convention Annual Banquet.
    3. Send invitations to personnel who will be seated at the Annual Banquet Speakers Table.
    4. Seated at the Speakers table.
    5. Prepare a message to be printed in the fall issue of the Journal concerning a topic of interest to the membership.
    6. Prepare an article for the Convention Issue of the Journal inviting the membership to participate in the Annual Convention.
  10. At the Annual Convention
    1. Preside at the Convention General session(s).
    2. Visit each exhibitor’s booth for the purpose of expressing appreciation for their support and participation, taking note of any concerns, which should be conveyed, to the Board of Directors.
    3. Preside at the Annual Meeting and the Annual Banquet.
    4. Be available to respond to any problems, which may arise.
    5. Attend the Commercial Exhibitor’s breakfast.
    6. Attend the Past-Presidents breakfast.
    7. Attend the Student Awards activities at the close of the convention.
    8. Keep a high profile throughout the convention.
  11. During the month of September, complete and forward request for approval to the Michigan Secondary School Principals Association Advisory Committee for the MITEA Awards Program.


The President-Elect shall:

  1. In the absence of the President, preside at:
    1. The Annual Business Meeting and/or special meetings of the Society.
    2. Meetings of the Executive Board.
    3. Regular meetings and/or special meetings of the Board of Directors.
  2. Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  3. Be the personal recruitment officer responsible for:
    1. The selection of appropriate personnel, with the consent of the individual, for appointment to vacant offices, committees and/or other positions or service.
    2. Verify the qualifications and memberships of potential appointees.
    3. Forward the names of appointees to the President prior to the next schedule Board of Directors meeting for presentation and approval.
    4. Write letters of appointment to each appointee which specifies the term of the appointment accompanied by a copy of their respective responsibilities as outlined in the Handbook with a copy to the committee Chairperson and President.
    5. Prepare and update Roster of Leadership Personnel for the Society.
  4. Prepare and mail the ballot for the annual election, no less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual State Convention, containing:
    1. The names, pictures, and resume as provided of the candidates for the office of President-Elect provided by the Nomination Committee.
    2. The names, pictures, and resume as provided by the current RAO.
    3. Preside over the tabulation of ballots and inform the President of the results. (Ballots are to be mailed back and collected prior to the convention and tabulated on the second day).
  5. At the conclusion of the Annual Meeting, assume the responsibilities of President.
  6. Serve as Chairperson of the Convention Site Selection Committee, (See Convention Site Committee).
  7. Serve as advisor for the RAO’s and work with the RAO Chairperson orientating RAO’s in their duties
  8. At the May meeting of the Board of Directors, present the meeting dates and location for the next year for Board approval.
  9. Keep the President advised on activities on a regular basis.


The Secretary shall:

  1. Execute the official correspondence for the Society as directed by the President.
  2. Keep the minutes including a roll call of the Society to include in meetings of the Executive Board; Board of Directors, Annual Meeting, and such other meetings designated by the President.
  3. Be the custodian of all up-to-date official papers of the Society.
  4. Be custodian of Society property such as filing cabinets, master teacher award castings, Past-President awards castings, seals, technology equipment etc.
  5. In conjunction with the Membership Chairperson, keep an up-to-date Membership Directory.
  6. Prepare for the Convention Issue of the Journal, a message to the membership on a topic of interest.
  7. Inform, by mail, the meeting date, time, location, and agenda for the Board of Directors bi-monthly meetings.
  8. At the Annual Convention:
    1. Observe the counting of the ballots.
    2. Report the official results of the election, in writing, to the President prior to the Annual Meeting.
    3. Be the custodian of the ballots, after the count, until such time the board instructs their deconstruction.
    4. Gather, assemble, and summarize all recordings made from the Annual Banquet and the Annual Business meeting.
    5. In accordance with the Constitution be responsible for compliance reelected to amendments of the Constitution and/or By-Laws.


The Treasurer Shall:

  1. Be bonded, in such a sum, specified by the Board of Directors.
  2. Receive all accounts due the Society and make deposits in a bank account established in the MITES using voucher checks.
  3. By the close of business at the Annual State Convention, ensure that the bank accounts have the correct signatures as required by the Board of Directors. (Incoming President and Treasurer)
  4. In a timely manner, after receipt of a check requisition signed by the President, disburse funds from the appropriate account in accordance with the approved budget. An exception to this procedure may be made in paying Board members for mileage and meal costs as approved.
  5. In conjunction with the Membership Chairperson, ensure that accurate records are kept on all membership applications for the MITES and all affiliated organizations.
  6. Prepare and present, in writing, a treasurer’s report showing all income and disbursements at each board meeting.
  7. Inform the President and Board if any line item shortage that will cause any deviation from the approved budget.
  8. Prepare an annual treasurer’s report for either an internal or external audit as directed by the Board of Directors.
  9. Prepare an income tax return in compliance with tax exempt guidelines.
  10. Prepare and submit annually to the State of Michigan prior to October 1st of each year a request for non profit status. (Tax exempt number)
  11. Prepare an annual budget in cooperation with each committee chairperson for presentation and approval at the September Board of Directors meeting.


The Immediate Past-President shall:

  1. Chair of the Past-President Advisory Committee
  2. Chief advisory group to the President and Board of Directors.
  3. Recommend new policies and direction for the society.
  4. Aid in the future progress of the society based on the committee’s experiences.
  5. Be the Chairperson of the Convention Committee composed of the:
    1. President
    2. President-Elect
    3. Secretary
    4. Commercial Exhibits Manager
    5. Michigan Industrial & Technology Education Awards Chairperson.
    6. Local Chairperson
  6. Perform the following duties for the Annual Convention:
    1. Plan the Convention Program.
    2. Select the Convention Theme.
    3. Submit a draft program to the Board of Directors at the November meeting.
    4. Submit the final draft of the program to the Journal Editor and/or printer by January 30.
    5. Coordinate all logistics for the Annual Convention with all Chairpersons.
    6. Plan the Past-President’s Breakfast.
    7. Within thirty (30) days of the Annual Convention, send invitations with a self-addressed reply postcard to all living past-presidents specifying the date, time, location, and cost of the Past-President’s Breakfast.
    8. Select the Convention Banquet speaker.
    9. Coordinate the assignments of the convention personnel.
    10. Recruit session presenters based on the theme of the convention and subjects of interest to the membership.
    11. Recruit recorders for each session of the convention.
    12. Address letters of appreciation after the convention to speakers, chairperson, and recorders who were active participants on the convention program.
    13. Keep within the approved convention program budget.
    14. Write an article for the convention Issue of the Journal.
    15. Encourage convention speakers to write professional articles for the Convention Issue of the Journal in relationship to the convention theme and topic.
    16. Prepare and publish the convention program to be delivered to the convention site by 8:00am on the first day.
    17. Prepare and publish the Convention Banquet program.
    18. Participate as a member of the Convention Site Selection Committee.
    19. Serve as a member of the Michigan Industrial & Technology Education Awards Program Advisory Committee.
    20. Serve as a member of the MITES Executive Board.
    21. Serve as a Co-Chairperson of the Honorary Life Committee.
    22. Serve as Chairperson of the Nominating Committee (See section on Duties of the Nominating Committee).


The Commercial Exhibits Manager shall:

  1. Be the Administrative Officer Responsible for commercial and educational exhibits.
  2. Be Co-Chair of the Honorary Life Committee.
  3. Serve as a member of the Convention Site Selection Committee.
  4. Serve as a member of the MITEA committee.
  5. Prepare and present a written report to the Board of Directors at each regularly scheduled meeting.
  6. During the summer (June, July, and August) ;
    1. Check over the Materials and files provided by the previous Commercial Exhibits Manager.
    2. Update the Convention Bureau Contract for the next convention.
    3. Develop the floor plan, exhibitor’s contracts, exhibitor’s reservations, and instructions to exhibitors, ledger accounts, and recruitment brochures for the next convention.
    4. Update all information regarding Storage Company and prices.
    5. Request at least 100 Exhibitor’s packets from the Convention Display Company.
    6. Prepare an exhibitor’s floor plan showing the location of each booth.
  7. In the fall (September, October, and November)
    1. Set up an orderly procedure for keeping accounts.
    2. Solicit additional booth rentals from manufacturers, publishers, retailers, and educational institutions.
    3. Print in duplicate at least 150 copies of ‘Application for Rental of Booth Space.’
    4. Submit to the Board of Directors in September, for approval, a revised contract for exhibit hall space plus a recommendation concerning booth rental fees.
    5. Mail first packet to all potential exhibitors for the next convention to include:
      1. Contracts for booth space
      2. Invitation Letter
      3. Copy of Letter of Intent from last convention (if available)
      4. Copy of the floor plan
      5. MITES Exhibits pamphlet
      6. MITES Information pamphlet
      7. Invitation Letter to conduct a session at the convention.
  8. In the winter (December, January, and February)
    1. Mail a second invitation to prospective exhibitors.
    2. Provide the Convention Chairperson with a list of the exhibitors including company name, address, and name of representative and booth numbers.
    3. Mail last minute instructions to exhibitors.
    4. Order, from Display Company, signs and numbers for each booth.
    5. Write an article for the pre-convention issues of the Journal. (Include floor plan, company names, and booth number).
  9. At the convention:
    1. Supervise booth setup.
    2. Setup educational booths in the student awards area. (Confer with the MITEA Chairperson)
    3. Control the traffic into the commercial area. (Members only)
    4. Visit all booths with the President and express an appreciation for their support and cooperation.
    5. Deliver to the exhibitors a convention issue of the Journal
    6. Make an effort to close all accounts at the convention
    7. Set up a booth for the ship’s prizes
    8. Work with the Deck Officer, if one is used in collecting Ship prizes
    9. Provide exhibitors with an opportunity to select exhibit booth space for the next year. (Letter of Intent and floor plan)
    10. Prepare and distribute name tags for all exhibitors
    11. Prepare and distribute plaques or certificates of appreciation to each company
    12. Arrange for security for the exhibit areas
    13. Preside at the Commercial Exhibitor’s Breakfast as required
    14. Recruit a Deck Officer for the following year if possible
    15. Arrange for ship’s prizes to be delivered to the Annual Banquet Site
    16. Introduce Deck Officer or individual for reading winners names at the Annual Banquet and distribute ship prizes as directed by the Board
    17. Prepare and give report at the Annual Business Meeting
      1. Actual number of booths rented
      2. Income from booth rental
      3. Comments from exhibitors.d. Outlook for next year
    18. After the Convention:
      1. Address a letter of appreciation to each exhibitor
      2. Close out all accounts
      3. Collect and record all income and disbursements
      4. Prepare and present final report, in writing, to the Board of Directors at the post convention meeting.


The Chairperson of the MITEA shall:

  1. Be the Administrative Officer responsible for conducting the student project competition.
  2. Be a member of the Executive Board of Directors.
  3. Be a member of the Convention Committee.
  4. During the Summer (June, July, and August)
    1. Inventory material on hand such as plaques, stickers, and ribbons.
    2. Make all changes for rules and entry forms.
    3. Order printed materials needed for the following year.
    4. Submit recommendations concerning new committee appointments to the President-Elect.
  5. During the Fall (September, October, and November)
    1. Sent rules and entry form materials to all RAO’s (September meeting)
    2. Sent 750 copies of the MITEA rules to the Newsletter Editor as an insert in the Newsletter.
    3. Provide the Journal Editor with a copy of the rules to be printed in the winter issue of the Journal.
    4. Prepare and send to the Journal Editor an article describing any changes to the rules from the previous year.
  6. During the Winter (December, January, and February)
    1. Meet with the Convention and Local Chairpersons to order convention materials and make necessary plans for tables, layout, etc.
    2. Provide 150 copies of the rules to the Local Chairperson to be used by the State Judges.
  7. During the months of March and April
    1. Send out reminder for Fair procedures.
    2. Contact committee members and assign time and duties for the State Fair for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
    3. Make sure all materials, people, and facilities are ready.
  8. During the Convention:
    1. Setup and run the MITEA portion of the State Convention.
    2. Make all FINAL decisions regarding project placement, disqualification, and removal for each category in the student project competition.
    3. Supervise staff member during the fair. (To include conduct and representation of the MITES)
    4. Insure that judging is fair and conducted accordingly to the rules of the MITEA.
    5. Be on site to answer any questions from students, teachers, and parents regarding judging. A selected representative could handle this.
    6. Speak at the Judges luncheon about procedures.
    7. Be prepared to give a brief report at the Annual Convention Banquet regarding the Student Competition.
    8. Conduct a rules review meeting at the Convention for the purpose of program evaluation, poster changes, and rule changes for the following year. Note: Request that the Convention Chairperson makes the necessary room arrangements.
    9. Plan a dinner or get-to-gather for the workers on Thursday evening.
    10. Hand out Grand and Divisional Awards at the closing ceremonies on Saturday.


The Editor-In-Chief shall:

  1. Be responsible to publish three issues of the Journal in accordance with a calendar submitted and approved by the Board of Directors at the May meeting.
  2. Recommend for appointment, support staff such as co-editors, an advertising manager, and a circulation manager.
  3. Establish and maintain publishing procedures to include:
    1. Establishment of deadlines for ‘copy’ and ‘cuts’.
    2. Edit ‘copy’.
    3. Submit ‘copy’ and ‘cuts’ to the printer.
    4. Correct proofs.
    5. Forward dummy copy to the printer with instructions for printing the Journal.
    6. Return ‘cuts’ which are not the property of the Society to their source.
    7. Retain unused copies of the Journal on file.
  4. In the September issue include:
    1. Presidents message.
    2. Message from the membership Chairperson.
    3. Announcement of date, time, and place for regional meetings and Board of Directors, etc.
    4. A listing of Society Officers and Chairperson.
    5. New jobs, promotion(s) appointment(s), and other items of current interest.
    6. Announcements about regional fairs.
    7. Announce the convention location and theme.
    8. Advertisement.
  5. In the Fall-Winter include:
    1. Pertinent information about the regional fairs, i.e. rules and regulations, dates, locations, etc.
    2. Announce proposed constitutional changes.
    3. Provide pertinent convention data.
    4. Advertisement.
  6. In the Convention Issue Include:
    1. Official Convention Program.
    2. Minutes of Annual Meeting (From the previous year).
    3. Advertisements.
    4. Pictures and greetings from the official personnel:
      1. President
      2. President-Elect
      3. Secretary
      4. Treasurer
      5. Membership Chairperson
      6. Journal Editor
      7. Convention Chairperson
      8. Exhibits Manager
      9. Superintendent of the Host City Schools
      10. Mayor of the Host City.
  7. In the Post-Convention issue include:
    1. Pictures and appropriate information concerning:
      1. Recipient of the Master Teacher Award
      2. Recipient of the Earl Bedell Publicity Award
      3. Recipient of the Honorary Life Membership
      4. Recipient of the Paul Shilling Distinguished Service Award
      5. Newly elected officers to include the RAO’s
      6. Grand Prize Award winners in the MITEA program.
    2. A summary of convention programs.
    3. Listing of the MITEA Student Project Competition
    4. Listing of the MITEA “On Site” Student Competition
    5. Other pertinent and timely information of interest to the membership.
  8. Regularly attend and report at meetings of the Board of Directors.
  9. Submit a proposed Journal Budget-limit expenditures to approved budget.
  10. Seek ways of lowering cost incurred in publishing the Journal while maintaining quality.


The Membership Director shall:
  1. Be the Society’s administrative officer responsible for membership recruitment.
  2. Receive and process all membership applications received from the membership.
  3. Write a message addressed to the prospective membership for the October and the Convention issue of the Journal.
  4. Maintain an accurate file of :
    1. All life members
    2. All past membership forms
    3. All recruitment materials which may be of benefit to an incumben
  5. In fulfilling the duties of this office, the following schedule shall be maintained:
    1. During the summer, print envelopes, enclosures, and application forms in quantities based upon current or projected membership, plus a surplus of at least 1000. Also obtain two sets of mailing labels arranged in order of membership expiration date. One set will be needed to main renewal notices, and the other set to mail membership cards. Also, obtain a set of mailing labels for all delinquent members from the previous year.
    2. In September, mail renewal notices and materials to all those individuals who did not renew their membership during the past year. Also attend the September RAO meeting in order to outline responsibilities and procedures for membership recruitment, and to supply the RAO’s with the adequate amounts of recruitment materials.
    3. At the beginning of each month, mail renewal notice and materials to all member whose membership expires during the month. Approximately every two weeks process the membership renewals and send membership cards. Send to the Treasurer all monies received, together with a statement. Send a copy of each renewal application to the Circulation Manager and to the Computer Consultant in order to update mailing list In addition requests a check from the Treasurer for the transfer of any ITEA dues that were received.
  6. Print the Ship’s Tickets for the Convention
  7. At the Convention:
    1. Insure that adequate supplies of membership materials are present in the registration area.
    2. Ask registration workers to check each membership application that they receive to insure that all information requested on the application has been provided, especially regarding the type of membership being purchased.
    3. Be in charge of the convention registration booth and all activities connected.
    4. Request equipment and material needed form the Commercial Exhibits Manager.
  8. After the Convention, update the Life Membership list to include the out-going Convention Chairperson and the recipients of The Honorary Life Membership Award. Also mail life membership cards to them.
  9. Prepare and present a membership report for each meeting of the Board of Directors and the Annual Meeting.


The Affiliated Representative shall:
  1. Provide the elected officers (President, President-Elect, and Immediate Past-President) of the MITES with copies of the minutes of all business meetings.
  2. Seek the advice and counsel of the officers, Executive Board, and/or Board of Directors of MITES on all problems and issues related to the Society
  3. Communicate the official MITES position on all problems and issues, which directly or indirectly affect the Society to appropriate affiliated organization.
  4. Report regularly to the MITES Board of Directors all matter of mutual concern.
  5. Review the membership application forms used by the state association each year and verify that the membership in the affiliated organization can be clearly specified by prospective members when using the forms to apply for membership.
  6. Prepare brief articles or columns for the MITES Journal and other newsletters describing publications, conventions, an conferences, legislative efforts, and other activities being initiated by the various divisions of the affiliated organization.



The ACTE Representative shall:
  1. Contact all current ACTE members for membership renewal prior to the end of the membership year.
  2. Plan and conduct specific membership projects oriented toward acquainting Industrial Technology (IA) and Career and Technical Education with the specific benefits associated with membership in ACTE and its affiliated state associations.
  3. Obtain and distribute membership applications, brochures, and other ACTE promotion material at all Industrial Technology (IA) and Career and Technical Education state meetings.
  4. Prepare and distribute a memo to all teachers training institution within the state, encouraging the chairperson of the Industrial Teacher Education department to distribute or post memo, membership application forms, and membership brochures to students and faculty.
  5. Regularly attend Industrial Technology (IA) and Career and Technical Education State meetings and conferences.
  6. Prepare displays of membership brochures, promotional materials describing available publications, member benefits and services, and membership application forms.
  7. Initiate and follow-up personal contacts regarding membership.
  8. Follow-up personal contacts to insure that the application was submitted.


The Chaplain shall:
  1. Be a regular member of the MITES Board of Directors.
  2. Offer prayer at the direction of the President.


The Circulation Manager shall:
  1. Maintain two alphabetical composite files (records of year dues were paid)
  2. Current paid members and those who have paid within the last five years.
  3. Former members who have not paid membership dues for five or more years.
  4. Retain membership applications received from the membership director for currently paid members.
  5. Gather and process all address changes for current members. Send address corrections to computer so that address labels can be updated accordingly.
  6. Arrange for and maintain a bulk mailing permit at the post office. Maintenance involves filling out appropriate paperwork, paying the yearly renewal fees, and keeping an adequate amount of money in the account for any anticipate bulk mailings.
  7. Receive and process postage due mail containing address corrections from the Journal mailings.
  8. Make bulk mailings of Journals, Convention materials as requested by Board Members.
  9. Keep abreast of all post office rules, regulations, etc. regarding bulk mailing.
  10. Make written reports (containing specific dates) of all major Circulation Manager Activities and transactions. Submit such reports at the Board meetings.


The Historian shall:
  1. Maintain a file of all materials significant to the historical growth and development of MITES to include:
    1. Documents of historical significance
    2. Primary source
    3. Secondary source
    4. Minutes of meetings
    5. Publications
    6. Journal issues
    7. Committee reports
    8. Individual reports
    9. Related articles
    10. Membership
    11. Significant correspondence
    12. Constitution
    13. Current
    14. Previous
    15. Amendments
    16. Organization of files
    17. Review
    18. Update
    19. Purge
    20. Make periodic reports to the Board of Directors at least once per year.


The ITEA Representative shall:
  1. Serve as liaison between ITEA and MITES.
  2. Coordinate the selection of MITES state delegate(s) to the ITEA House of Delegates and to report same to the Executive Director of ITEA.
  3. Select, by committee, the program(s) of the year and present at the Annual Convention Banquet.
  4. Report the individual selected for the ITEA Teacher Recognition Award and report the candidate’s name to the Chairperson of the ITEA Teacher Recognition Committee.
  5. Ensure that all arrangements are made to ensure recipients are represented at the next National Convention.
  6. Conduct and coordinate ITEA membership promotion activities in cooperation with the ITEA Executive Secretary and the Chairperson of the ITEA Membership Committee.
  7. Report the name and address of newly appointed ITE representative to ITEA Executive Director by December 15.


The Advertising Manager shall:
  1. Solicit advertising for each issue of the Journal.
  2. Maintain an up-dated file for each advertiser.
  3. Prepare and have printed copies of the advertising contract.
  4. Provide the editor and/or printer with advertising copy for each issue.
  5. Bill companies, receive income, keep a record of income and disbursements and forward all receipts to the treasurer.
  6. ake regular reports to the Board of Directors.


The Assistant Editor shall:
  1. Solicit, collect, and write Journal articles as assigned by the Editor-in-Chief.
  2. Collect all Convention meeting reports from the assigned recorders.
  3. Assist the Editor-in-Chief and perform other duties as assigned.


The Managing Editor shall:
  1. Mechanically implement all assignments given by the Editor-in-Chief.
  2. Facilitate the mechanical processes of typesetting, layout, design, proofs, etc. within the time schedule established by the Editor-in-Chief.


The College and University Liaison Officer shall:
  1. Communicate and coordinate matters with appropriate colleges and universities in the state of Michigan.
  2. Promote college/university-level student membership in the MITES.
  3. Conduct a bi-annual (once every 2 years) program relating to college/university issues for the MITES.
  4. Present a written report of activities at each MITES Board of Directors meeting.
  5. Provide input for the MITES Board of Directors with regard to collegiate perspectives and directions.
  6. Survey the collegiate constituency within the state once every two years to define issues and concerns vital to the MITES.
  7. Conduct a session at the Annual Convention related to the theme of the convention.


The K-12 clubs Liaison officer shall:
  1. Promote the growth and improvement of the K-12 clubs.
  2. Encourage the organization of new K-12 clubs.
  3. Report activities and needs of K-12 clubs to the Board of Directors.
  4. Contact the RAO’s for information concerning K-12 and Post-Secondary club activities in their region.
  5. Keep an active file of the existing K-12 clubs, their directors, and current addresses.
  6. Encourage the participation of the K-12 clubs and their membership to prepare an exhibit for the Annual Convention.
  7. Provide Liaison between the MITES Board of Directors and K-12 clubs.


The Post-secondary Clubs Liaison Officer shall:
  1. Promote the growth and improvement of the post-secondary clubs.
  2. Encourage the organization of new post-secondary clubs.
  3. Report activities and needs of the post-secondary clubs to the Board of Directors.
  4. Contact the RAO’s for information concerning Post-secondary and K-12 club activities in their region.
  5. Keep an active file on the active post-secondary clubs, their directors, and current addresses.
  6. Encourage the participation of the clubs and their membership to prepare an exhibit for the Annual Convention.
  7. Provide Liaison between the MITES Board of Directors and post-secondary clubs.


The Michigan Department of Education Representative shall:
  1. Be appointed by the President of the Society as required based upon a request from the Director of Career and Technical Education Services for the appointment of a member of his/her staff to serve as a liaison person between the Michigan Department of Education and the Society.
  2. The designated person will:
    1. Represent the views of the MITES at the appropriate department of the state Board of Education.
    2. Report significant developments, events, etc. to the Board of Directors at their regular meetings.
    3. Communicate Society concerns to the appropriate department, division, or person in the Department Education.
    4. Provide general counsel to the Board of Directors and the Society membership.
    5. Iif appropriate, prepare material for publication in the Journal.
    6. Assist the chairperson in soliciting presenter for the convention.
    7. Prepare a written report for the bimonthly Board of Directors meeting.


The Editor shall:
  1. Be responsible to publish a Newsletter in accordance with the approval by the Board of Directors.
  2. Recommend for appointment, support staff such as co-editors, etc.
  3. Report pertinent and timely information of interest to the membership.
  4. Regularly attend and report at meetings of the Board of Directors.
  5. Submit a proposed Newsletter budget – limit expenditures to approved budget.
  6. Seek ways of lowering cost incurred in publishing the Newsletter while maintaining quality.


The Parliamentarian shall:
  1. Upon request, advise the presiding officer relative to interpretations and application of the Society’s constitution and By-Laws.
  2. Upon request, advise presiding officer concerning parliamentary procedures as contained in Robert’s Rules of Order.


The Spouse’s Representative shall:

Note: The need of this program will be at the discretion of the Executive Board of the MITES

  1. The Spouses Program is to be organized by the Spouses of the President and the Spouse of the Convention chairperson in co-operation with the convention chairperson.
  2. The Spouse of the Convention Chairperson shall prepare an article for the Convention issue of the Journal inviting appropriate individuals to participate in the Spouses Program.
  3. The responsibility for hospitality at the Convention is to be shared by the Presidential and Convention Chairperson spouses:
    1. Welcome the Spouses and handle registration.
    2. Plan programs and activities during the convention.
  4. The spouse of the Convention Chairperson shall:
    1. Arranged for floral arrangement corsages for the women, boutonnieres for the men seated at the head of the table at the banquet.
    2. Arrange for coffee and doughnuts at the Spouses registration.
    3. Select menu and send invitations in conjunction Chairperson to the Spouses for the Past-Presidents Spouses Breakfast.
    4. Make arrangements for some kind of favor to be given to each spouse attending the Spouses breakfast, (Per tradition.)
    5. Send thank you notes following the convention as appropriate.
    6. Attend the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors.
    7. President-Elect Spouse shall attend and meet other Past-President Spouses at Past-Presidential Spouses Breakfast.
    8. Presidential Spouse shall work at Spouses Registration and will assist Convention Chairperson Spouse in making special arrangements for Spouses Program during Convention.



The Auditing Committee shall:
  1. Conduct an annual audit of all receipts and disbursement accounts of the society at the close of each fiscal year or at the request of the Board of Directors.
  2. At the conclusion of each Treasurer’s term have an audit conducted by bank officials or an auditor.
  3. Submit a written report of the financial status of the Society at its Annual Meeting bearing the signatures of all members of the committee.


The Computer Consultant shall:
  1. Advise the Board on computer related matters.
  2. Provide computer-generated material as necessary.
  3. Develop and maintain the MITES website.


The Constitutional Revision Committee shall:
  1. Be appointed by the President.
  2. Be composed of a designated Chairperson and no less than five members.
  3. Receive their specific change from the President with the approval of the Board of Directors. This change may include:
    1. Revision of a specific Section of the Constitution.
    2. Review and revision of the entire Constitution.
    3. Review of the Bylaws.
  4. Submit Constitutional changes for publishing in the Journal at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting.
  5. Present for approval at the Annual Meeting any changes in the Constitution.


The Convention Site Selection Committee shall:
  1. Have as its members:
    1. The President-Elect who shall serve as Chairperson
    2. President
    3. Past-President
    4. Commercial Exhibits Manager
    5. SIC Chairperson
    6. One representative appointed annually by the Board of Directors
    7. MITEA Chairperson.
  2. Review annually possible convention sites for the fifth year following the last convention i.e. (1977 recommended location for 1982)
  3. Formulate and present to the Board of Directors a convention site recommendation at the November meeting based upon the following criteria:
    1. Available dates in May, which do not conflict with ACTE, ITEA, Easter Vacation, etc.
    2. Facilities must provide:
      1. Exhibit space for Commercial exhibits (15,000 sq. feet) and MITEA needs (20,000 sq. feet) for the Student Awards program.
      2. Access and equipment for loading and unloading.
      3. Free access void of labor union problems.
      4. Reasonable rental cost for tables, back drops, electrical.
      5. Hookup, etc.
      6. Adequate parking facilities
      7. Catering service for MITEA Judges luncheon.
      8. Registration facilities
      9. Record of successful convention for comparable groups.
      10. Centrally located housing.
      11. Reasonable meal costs and menus.


The Earl Bedell Publicity Award Committee shall:
  1. In September or October, mail ‘nomination forms’ to Junior High and High School Principals and Vocational Directors requesting nominations for the Earl Bedell Publicity Award. This should be done at least every three or four years.
  2. In November, mail a questionnaire to all new nominees and request an update for those nominees presently on file.
  3. In February, the committee should evaluate the candidates based upon established criteria to select the individual(s) who will receive the award
  4. In March, present the name(s) of the recipients to the MITES Board of Directors for approval.
  5. The name should not appear in the Board for Minutes.
  6. At the annual convention, present the award to the recipient(s) at the luncheon.
  7. Prepare and send news release for the MITES Journal and local newspaper(s).


The Election Committee shall:

A. Under the direction of the President-Elect, prepare and mail the ballot for the annual election containing:

1. The names, pictures, and resume of the candidates for the office of President-Elect provided by the Nomination Committee.

2. The names, picture, and resume as provided by the current RAO.

3. Provide the President-Elect with the correct name, address, city, and zip code by December 1, to which completed ballots should be returned.

4. Serve as a depository for all completed ballots prior to the Annual convention.

5. Deliver to the Annual Convention all completed ballots in their sealed envelopes.

6. At the convention site, in the presence of the Secretary of the Society, and at least two committee members, open the ballot envelopes and determine the winners. The results of the election shall remain committee confidential.

7. The names of the winners by catalog shall be delivered to the President for announcement at the Annual Business Meeting.

8. Prepare and forward a news release to the appropriate local newspaper and school systems.


The Grant Writing Committee shall:

A. Acquire, evaluate and prepare a list of grant and funding sources.

B. Develop grant writing seminars for all 18 regional grant writing committee chairpersons to facilitate their teaching of grant writing procedures for each region.

C. Prepare and submit a minimum of one grant proposal per year, in the name of MITES. to solicit funds for the following areas:

1. Professional development.

2. State curriculum development.

3. Leadership development.

4. Organizations operation.

5. Journal and newsletter publications.

6. Public relations activities.

7. Legislative support.

8. Any other area the Board of Directors identifies.

D. Hold biannual meetings, one being held at the state convention.

E. Prepare a written report each board of directors meeting.

F. Provide a professional development grant writing session, for all members, during the state convention.

G. Keep the president inform of status and any problems.


The Henry J. Van Westrienan Master Teacher Award Committee shall:

A. Be composed of three individuals serving three-year terms and one standing member. Each year one new member is appointed by the President-Elect to this committee to replace the individuals completing their third year term.

B. Be chaired by the committee member serving the third year of their term.

C. The standing member will be the representative from the Michigan Department of Education and shall not serve as Chairperson.

D. In October, as requires, send nomination blanks to principals, vocational directors, heads of industrial technology departments in the public schools, colleges, and universities with a return request date of the first of November.

E. In November, forward questionnaires to the nominees with a December due date.

F. In January, evaluate the candidates and select a recipient.

G. In February, submit the recipient’s name to the Board of Directors for approval.

H. At the Convention Banquet, present this award to the recipient.

I. Prepare and forward a news release to the Editor-In-Chief of the Journal, local newspaper, and public school.


The Honorary Life Membership Committee shall:

A. Be composed of the Immediate Past-President plus the four previous Past-Presidents.

B. Be co-chaired by the Immediate Past-President and the commercial exhibit manager.

C. Select a person with significant service to the MITES worthy of the award based upon predetermined criteria.

D. Submit the name(s) of candidates to the Board of Directors for approval at the February meeting.

E. The Committee Chairperson shall present the award to the recipient(s) at the Annual Convention Banquet.

F. Prepare and submit a letter and/or news release. Inform his employer that he has received the award.


The Industrial Contact Committee shall:

A. Develop an industrial contact packet with aid of the public relations committee.

B. Provide all regional Industrial contact committee chairpersons with a standard public relations packet that can be used by any member to:

1. Solicit funds for scholarships, professional development, our professional publications, public relations activities or convention support.

2. Solicit materials, machines, tools, computers or any other items that could be made available to members to enhance their educational programs.

3. Solicit assistance from industrial personnel that could provide technological or other industrial update, to include training or employment of MITES members to further their professional development.

C. Provide a list of industries and their contribution or support to both the newsletter and journal editors for publication in the Newsletter and Journal.

D. Prepare a written report for each of the MITES board of director meeting.

E. Hold at least one meeting per year, preferably at the state convention, of all I g regional industrial contact committee chairpersons.

F. Keep the president informed on status and any problems.

G. Develop working relationships with the Industrial and Business associations to:

1. Build support for Industrial Technology.

2. Elevate their interests to work collectively with educators.


The Instructional Materials Committee shall:

A. Be the depository agency within the Society for drawings, slides, and/or instructional aides approved for distribution by the Society.

B. In the cooperation with the Convention Photographer, have a set of slides made annually of the outstanding projects entered in the MITEA finals.

B. Be the distributor of the Society’s drawings, slides, and/or instructional aid in establishing the prices and bill individuals for materials requested.

D. Establish a booth at the annual convention displaying available materials.

E. Submit to the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, for publication of interest to the membership.


The Legislative Committee shall:

A. Recommend appropriate legislation that meets current and/or future goals and objectives of our profession.

B. Establish a regional network for letter writing campaigns that would be used to support legislation that would further our professional goals and objectives.

C. Keep MITES members informed of all national and state legislation, which directly or indirectly affects the profession.

D. Recommend legislative action appropriate to our professional goals and objectives.

E. Meet with ACTE and ITEA legislative chairpersons in order to adequately inform MITES members of the State and National direction that will affect our profession.

F. Meet annually with Michigan House and Senate Education Chairpersons to express concerns of the MITES Board of Directors.

G. Establish an annual legislative agenda.

H. Organize a legislative gathering every fourth year, to be held at the State Convention, inviting all legislators to attend.

I. Keep the president inform of status and any problems.


The Local Chairperson shall:

A. Appoint a Committee of Local Chairpersons.

1. Assistant Chairperson.

a. Chairperson for the next annual convention.

b. Assume duties assign by the Local Chairperson.

2. Chairperson for the Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Awards Fair.

a. Appoint judges.

b. Instruct judges relative to their duties.

c. Arrange for food service for the judges while they are on duty.

d. Record the names of winners for each division.

e. Attach ribbons to the winning exhibits.

3. Convention Photographer

a. Prepare the pictorial record of:

♦ General sessions.

♦ Main speakers.

♦ Recipient of the Henry J. Can Westrienan Master Teacher Award

♦ Recipient of the Earl Bedell Publicity Award.

♦ Election-President-Elect, and Regional Administrative Officers.

♦ Michigan Industrial Education Awards Fair.

♦ Strictly informal pictures about the Convention.

4. Food Service

a. Convention Banquet, Past-President’s Breakfast and Convention Luncheon.

♦ Time and place.

♦ Menu and prices.

♦ Ticket sales.

♦ Judges / luncheon.

5. Hospitality Chairperson

a. Greet and arrange speaker’s accommodations.

b. Co-ordinate receptions, teas, etc. that are a part of the approved convention program.

c. Arrange a coffee hour for future teachers (at the same time and place of their meeting.)

d. Greet and arrange for the needs of the music group who will be furnishing the music for the Convention Banquet.

e. Make parking arrangements with local police.

f. Make housing accommodations for members attending the Convention.

g. Make arrangements for Alumni Luncheon.

h. Send thank you notes for table favors.

6. Printing Chairperson.

a. Ribbons for the official personnel.

b. Convention Banquet-program and tickets.

c. Past-President’s Breakfast-Tickets.

d. Convention Luncheon-Program and tickets.

e. Spouses program.

f. Signs and information cards.

g. Alumni Luncheon signs.

7. Publicity Chairperson.

a. Prepare for Releases to the news media.

♦ Prior to the convention, contact local radio and TV stations alerting them to convention activities.

♦ At the convention, arrange for live TV coverage of this MITEA awards, and other appropriate events.

8. Registration Chairperson.

a. Arrange for badges, badge inserts, typewriters, typists, registration desk, chairs, etc.

b. Instruct personnel.

♦ Proof of membership.

♦ Collection of registration fee.

♦ Issuing badges and programs.

9. Security Officer

a. Local ROTC or similar group used for guards at entrances and in exhibit areas.

b. Watchman for the hours when the exhibits are closed.

10. Spouses Program Chairperson.

a. Plan a program for the Spouses.

b. Serve as the host at the convention.

11. Additional duties of the Local Chairperson with the assistance of the Convention Chairperson

a. Make room reservations for:

♦ President

♦ President-Elect

♦ Secretary

♦ Treasurer

♦ Membership Chairperson

♦ Commercial Exhibit’s Manager

♦ Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Awards Chairperson.

♦ Convention Chairperson

♦ Speakers

Note: The Convention Bureau furnishes Commercial Exhibits Manager’s room in some areas.

b. Procure favors for the Convention Banquet and Luncheon.

c. Assign rooms for the general sessions, demonstrations, and other scheduled meetings which will occur during the convention.

d. Order flowers

♦ Centerpiece for the speaker’s table

♦ Corsages for the feminine quests who will be at the speaker’s table

♦ Corsages for the student (MITEA) and parents (Grand Award Winners)

♦ Boutonnieres for the officers of the Society (worn at the Convention Banquet)

12. The Duties of the Local Chairperson for the convention include:

a. Co-ordinate the assignment of the local personnel.

b. Set rooms for the meetings

♦ Table and/or lectern

♦ Pitcher of water and glasses.

♦ Chairs

♦ Public address

♦ Tape recorder

c. Establish an Information booth

d. Floor plan showing location of the meetings

e. Transportation

f. Parking facilities

g. Points of interest in the city.

h. Have convention messengers available

i. Distribute favors for the Banquet and Luncheon


The Nominating Committee shall:

A. Be composed of the Immediate Past-President plus the four previous Past-Presidents.

B. Be chaired by the Immediate Past-President.

C. Select the candidates for the office of President-Elect.

D. Present the names of the candidates at the December meeting of the Board of Directors for approval.

E. Forward to the current President-Elect, by January 1:

1. A black and white glossy picture of the candidates

2. A brief resume of each candidate

G. Accomplish the assigned task by:

1. Send nominations forms to committee members by October 1.

2. Request a ranking of nominees by November 1.

3. Send out final ranking of nominees to members of the Committee by November 18.

4. Send letter to committee members indicating the acceptance of nominees by December 1.

5. Send letter confirming nominee’s acceptance as a candidate. Also, request a written resume and glossy picture for publication on the ballot and Convention Issue of the Journal.


The Past-Presidents’ Advisory Council shall:

Purpose: To provide for maximum use of personnel with extensive knowledge of and familiarity with the operating procedures of the Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society.

A. Procedure for Membership Selection:

1. The committee will consist of a total of five (5) Past-Presidents.

2. Three of these members will be the Immediate Past-President.

3. Members will select the remaining two in attendance at the Annual Convention Breakfast for Past-Presidents.

4. The two elected members are selected on a yearly basis.

5. This group of five Past-Presidents will select a Chairperson.

B. Their first meeting following the Annual Convention Breakfast for Past-Presidents.

C. This committee of five Past-Presidents will be responsible for making assignments related to their duties.

D. To select a committee member responsible for handling MITES Annual Resolutions, These will be presented to the Board of Directors at the first meeting of each year (January or February) for approval.

E. To provide suggestions to the Executive Board for improving or expanding the structure and operation of the Society.

F. The Chairperson will be a member of the Board of Directors. He will be given the responsibility to present these recommendations to the Board of Directors.

G. The Past-Presidents’ Advisory Council should be expected to meet at least once a year other than the organizational meeting.

H. The Past-Presidents’ Advisory Council will be responsible for meeting with representatives from groups such as:

1. Career and Technical Administrators

2. Representatives of the Department Education, Div. Career and Technical Service.

3. Etc.

I. All transactions by this group must meet the approval of the current MITES Board of Directors.


The Paul M. Shilling Distinguished Service Award Committee shall:

A. Request nominations from the members of the MITES Executive Board by the November Board of Director’s meeting.

B. Send out Questionnaire to all nominees early in January for return by February 1.

C. Meet and review the qualifications of the nominees and select a recipient.

D. Keep the name of the recipient committee confidential with the exception of selected members of the Executive Board.

E. Prepare and present an appropriate award at the Annual Convention Banquet.

F. Secure appropriate photographs and prepare a news release to be sent to the proper school system and local newspaper.

G. Keep an accurate record of former recipients.


The Publicity and Public Relations Committee shall:

A. Endeavor to deal with publicity and public relations functions for the society.

B. Develop in conjunction with the Industrial Contact Committee public relations packets to include but not limited to:

1. A brochure/flyer that will identify the philosophy, goals, objectives, and activities of the society.

2. Develop and publish a Letter of Introduction identifying out organization and its needs. This is to be generated on the MITES side-bar stationary.

C. Prepare and mail a public relations letter of acceptance to all current leadership personnel’s administration (principals, superintendent, etc.) after acquiring the names and addresses of each at the September Board of Directors meeting.

D. Secure a proclamation from the Governor to coincide with the week of the convention.

E. Carry out those public relations functions as charged by the President and/or the board of directors.

F. Hold an annual meeting at the state convention of all Regional Public Relations Chairpersons. Providing them with:

1. The updated Public Relations Packets.

2. A form letter for news releases for Regional Service Awards, etc.

3. A form letter for all Regional Chairpersons to gain assistance in generating support at the state convention.


The Research Committee shall:

A. Initiate, supervise, and conduct inquiry into questions, problems, and/or courses of action as assigned by the President based on action of the Board of Directors.

B. Report the results of this inquiry to the appropriate bodies.


The Resolution Committee shall:

A. Prepare for presentation to the Board of Directors at the March meeting:

1. Acknowledgement Resolutions

2. Standing Resolutions

3. Current Resolutions

B. Publish in the Pre-Convention Journal the above described resolutions

C. At the Annual Meeting, present the above described resolutions to the membership for approval.


The Retired Teachers Committee shall:

A. Develop a list of retired teacher or friends of our professional area both regionally and statewide.

B. Help in acquiring or assist as judges for both regional and state convention awards fairs.

C. Help in the establishment of the Technology Student Association student competition in the State/Region by working with the TSA Chairperson and the State Department of Education.

D. Assist the Regional Industrial Contact committee chairperson in carrying out their assignments.

E. Assist the Regional Legislative Chairperson in carrying out their assignments.

F. Assist with fund raising for Regional fairs and scholarship at the state level.


The Scholarship Committee Chairperson shall:

A. Make available scholarships applications and review applicants.

B. Raise funds to Support current scholarships.

C. Expand the scholarship program through additional fund raising.

D. Establish the Criteria for awarding scholarships.

E. Keep the president inform of status and any problems.


The SIC Committee shall:

A. Have a designated Chairperson responsible for coordinating committee activities.

B. Have a competition director for each technical area included in the competition (i.e. construction, automotive, robotics, etc.) who will be responsible for:

1. Establishing competition director areas.

2. Development of rules and regulations for that specific area.

3. Developing a standard set of problems or malfunctions.

4. Soliciting industrial support.

5. Developing evaluation criteria.

C. Regional directors responsible for:

1. Coordination of regional competition.

2. Identification of regional competition.

3. Securing judges.

4. Establish competition date and location.

5. Present awards.

6. Forward names and addresses of first place winner to SIC Chairperson.

7. Make meal arrangements as required.

D. Have an awards coordinator responsible for:

1. Certificates

2. Trophies

E. Submit a budget for approval by the Board of Directors.

F. Conduct State Finals as determined by the Committee.

G. Work with the Convention Chairman and Commercial Exhibits Manager concerning the logistics of this program.


The Technology Education Advisory Committee shall:

A. Be chaired by a person who has been on the Technology Education Advisory Committee for more than two years.

B. Advise the leadership of MITES as to Directions and Decisions that are influenced by the Technology Education Movement.

C. Assist in providing professional workshops, curriculum and resources, that are relevant and current to the profession.

D. Monitor, adjust, and inform the membership as to the current status of Technology Education.

E. Serve as the resource body for curriculum development, State Department of Education activities, etc.

Regional Administrative Officers (RAOs)

The Regional Administrative Officers (RAOs) are the key factor in the Communication process between the Society and teachers in the public school classrooms. Historically, the role and mission presently served by the RAOs was the responsibility of two people whose title was Region Program Chairperson and Region Membership Chairperson. In an effort to reduce the size of the Board, the regional representation was reduced to one person per region while the responsibilities increased with the conception of the MITEA program. This office has been a training position from which committee Chairperson and elected officers have been selected. The importance of the RAOs, to the continued growth and development of the Society, cannot be overemphasized.

Major responsibilities of the RAOs are detailed in the RAO Blue Book.


These duties include:

A. Regularly attend all meetings of the Board of Directors.

B. Serve as a liaison between the MITES and their respective region.

C. Be responsible for organizing and conducting the Regional MITEA program.

D. Solicit MITES membership in their region.

E. Assist in the registration process at the Convention.

F. Communicate classroom teacher concerns to the Board of Directors.

G. Nominate individuals to fill their position as designated in the Constitution, providing a resume and recent photograph to the President-Elect by December 1st.

H. Carry out other duties as specific in the RAO Blue Book.

I. Serve as a member of the MITEA Rules Committee.

J. Be responsible for the collection of the student project entry fee and turn it over to the RAO Chairperson before or during the Annual Convention.


The RAO Chairperson shall:

A. Meet with RAOs one hour before Board Meeting.

B. Be responsible for RAOs submitting candidates (2) from regions holding elections by December 1.

C. The nominations should include:

1. The name of each candidate.

2. Degrees held and obtained from what institutions.

3. Number of years they have been a member of MITES

4. Number of years taught, what subjects they are teaching.

5. A picture of each candidate.

D. Be responsible for RAOs submitting Journal articles publicizing their region.

E. Be responsible for RAOs setting up local fairs.

F. Provide all newly elected RAOs with an RAO Blue Book.

G. Be responsible for seeing the RAOs recruit members to work at the Annual Convention.

H. Be liaison between the MITEA and the MITES RAOs.

I. Provide copies of letters sent to RAOs and also to the President, President-Elect, and MITEA Chairperson.

J. Instruct RAOs to send one each of the Rules and Regulation, entry form, and poster with RSVP for quantities of materials needed by each school in their region.

K. Make sure local fair information listed on the posters and letters including the following:

1. Fair date and times

2. place and address

3. Judging time

4. Public viewing time

5. Project pickup time.


The Endowment Committee Chairperson shall:

A. Solicited support for the Endowment.

B. Monitor the Endowment Fund

C. Establish criteria for the use of the Endowment Fund

D. Keep the MITES Board of Directors informed on the status of the fund

E. Generate a certificate or plaque to make acknowledgment of supporters to the fund

F. Mail or present acknowledgment to supporters at the direction(s) of the Board of Directors