Whitmer Eyeing Closing Michigan Schools due to Corona Virus, Seniors Will Graduate and others will Move Up

Governor Gretchen Whitmer as reported by many news outlets is expected to sign an executive order that would close all public and private K-12 schools for the reminder of the school year due to the corona virus pandemic. While the details of this order are still being finalized many of the major elements have been hammered out. Some of the major points are:

  • School buildings would be closed for the reminder of the school year.
  • Schools would provide some type of remote learning through the end of school year (June).
  • The regional ISDs and districts would work together to determine what this remote learning would look like and whether it would involve grades or be mandatory.
  • High school seniors would be able to graduate as long as they are on a path towards graduation. This could result in normal or higher than normal graduation rates this year.
  • Students in grades K-11 would move as normal and the 3rd grade reading law would not be enforced this year.
  • Schools would receive their full state funding through the end of the year, but must agree to pay all school employees through June 30th.

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