20-21 Executive & Directors Board

MITES Officers

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of the MITES Officers and the following positions:

Board of Directors

The MITES Board of Directors includes the MITES Officers and Executive Board members along with the following positions:

  • Parliamentarian: Vacant
  • Spouses Representative: Vacant
  • Advertising Manager: Rob Lindsey
  • Committee Chairperson:
    • Auditing: Josh Burkhard
    • Auto Competition:
    • IT Consultant: Chad O’Dell
    • Constitutional Revision: Dennis Harrand
    • Construction Contest: Joe Churches
    • Convention Site Selection: Jeff Seavolt
    • Election: Chuck Luchies
    • Endowment: Dennis Harrand
    • Grant Writing:
    • Fund Raising:
    • Local Convention:
    • Legislative: Jim Thelander
    • Instructional Materials & Education Resources: Vince Heyser
    • Membership: Pete Twork
    • MITEA – Student Competition: Kevin Bidwell
    • MITES Grant:
    • MITES Marketing:
    • MITES Recognition Awards: Jeff Goulasarian
    • Nominating: Adam Carr
    • Past-Presidents Advisory Council:
    • Publicity & Public Relations: Lois Davis
    • Resolution: George Sherwin